UX and UI


Software Imaging values the importance of user experience(UX) to your business. In recent years, we have heavily invested in our UX and UI design expertise and capability. We have CPUX certified professionals on staff and the capability for in house design, prototyping and testing. In house, capability reduces overhead and waste by having the designers embedded in the agile development teams.

The following section is a detailed showcase of our UX work so far. Message us for more information.

Training Mule

Training Mule is a tool that allows quick, easy, and collaborative creation of large sets of labelled images for Machine Learning and other areas.

Start a project and upload image resources then collaborate with a team in real-time or just leave it to us to label the images.

With your images labelled, we will train the network of your choice and provide you with the model ready for use, or provide an API for you to access your trained model in the cloud.

You can customise the classes and label with easy to use tools and, more importantly, multiple people can edit simultaneously.

In order to collaborate you need to be able to communicate quickly and easily.

Our Site

We have recently taken control of our own website and have proceeded to test our expertise with UX and UI on it. It is a wonderful opportunity to get creative and explore new ideas.

The search page is now fundamental to the sites UX. It is the only way to get directly to large portions of the site, but is very quick and easy to use. We provide suggestions to the most common pages.

Contact us is one of a few forms on the site utilising material design principles.

All content on the site has been produced in house from staff images to icons and 3D rendered content.

Website mobile responsiveness is a key area for websites. We start with a mobile first design philosophy. Here we removed the hamburger menu and focused on the most important areas of the site and provisioned search to find everything else.

ThinkFree Print

ThinkFree Print is our flag ship mobile app. It is a successful printing app on the Google Play store and boasts some great features. Recently we redesigned the ageing interface to incorporate material design and make the UX more pleasant.

We re-branded the app, focusing on its strengths and making it more modern and memorable with a bold modern design. All UI and UX was designed and created in house.

UX testing played a key part in the renovation of the app. We used AB testing as well as small user test groups to achieve the desired result of more user engagement.

This is the old site UI.

Content Management

Vor Board

Low to High Fidelity