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Here at Software Imaging, we thoughtfully engineer software solutions for our customers.

For over 30 years Software Imaging has been at the forefront of innovation in print-imaging software. We now supply advanced software solutions to the printer, mobile and robot automation industries and we add value to our customers’ web and cloud applications. We have supplied all of the largest printer manufacturers of the world and we are renowned for our universal printer drivers – printing to almost all printer brands and models on the market.

In this increasingly web-centric age of computing, we can help you adapt to cloud-based solutions for your every-day problems. We can update your legacy systems or develop new technology to assist with whatever you need. Our repertoire includes everything from renovating user interfaces to innovating back-end cloud printing solutions. Whether it’s developing an end-to-end content-management system or integrating with enterprise solutions, we can help.

Throughout our history, printing has been one of the mainstays of our business. In collaboration with our industrial partners we have revolutionized the printing industry with our world-class cross-platform driver development kits. Our color-matching, half-toning and stochastic screening create the highest fidelity output. Our innovative paperless print-testing solutions can help deliver more extensive test coverage at a fraction of the cost and with far less environmental impact than outdated manual methods. We have taken mobile printing to the next level with ThinkFree Print which allows seamless printing over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connections.

Techniques learnt in print-imagery allowed us to expand into digital imaging. Creating an XML Page Specification (XPS) Viewer that utilizes Software Imaging’s XPS rendering technology, PrintMagicXPS, to give great quality rasterization, with unrivaled speed when viewing XPS. We are researching and developing emerging imaging systems like augmented and virtual reality. We find these emerging technologies extremely exciting and would love to find partners to collaborate with.

Software Imaging has acquired a wealth of experience in digital document processing, continuing to supply diverse and innovative solutions to the world-wide imaging industry. From low level half-toning and color management solutions to highly optimized page description language generation technologies, we pride ourselves on reliability and performance. We have developed RIP and conversion tool-kits for fixed document formats such as XPS and PDF. This allows us to deliver printing solutions beyond the confines of the desktop. Our unique digital document management and automation techniques enable fast archiving and retrieval via metadata.

Recently we have ventured into the fascinating world of robotic automation, tackling the problem of automated production line optimization. Rossum is a flexible tool to design, simulate, optimize and execute any robotic process or production line. Deep learning will, in the future, allow Rossum to perform Kaizen, or incremental optimizations, as it learns your process.


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The Software Imaging Team

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We pride ourselves on our agile software development. This gives our customers working software faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Working with our customer we produce exquisite user experiences, creating transcendent software.

Working in close-knit teams we strive to deliver more value to our users and customers. We are based around experienced cross functional teams, allowing us to rapidly produce end-to-end solutions, and swiftly respond to changing user requirements.