Rossum is a flexible tool to design, simulate, optimize and execute any robotic process or production line with robots.

Automation often follows repeatable and simple rules-based instructions. The most efficient automated processes are only possible when managed by advanced software drivers.

Rossum provides an easy to use wizard that guides the user through the entire design and set-up process. Rossum’s Configuration Editor gives you the power and flexibility to configure your assembly line. Once the assembly line is configured, Rossum’s Simulator generates the commands and shows how those commands will play in real time. Rossum’s PLC interface sends generated commands to the robots and monitors their progress.

Inside Rossum

Rossum’s Order Converter makes the process of gathering your data from multiple sources simple.

Rossum helps to optimize the orders to minimize the processing time or to prepare orders in the optimum way for packaging and delivery routes.

Rossum’s Configuration Editor gives you full control over:

  • Robot arm positions
  • Number of robots
  • Operations or Products assigned to robots
  • Robot speeds
  • Speed between sections
  • Packing Trays of different dimensions
  • Process or stacking rules

Rossum’s Simulator has three key functions:

  • Generating instructions for robots and production line.
  • Providing accurate estimation of time to process the complete order.
  • Reduce costs by minimizing the number of operations and trays required to fulfill the orders.

and more...

Rossum is not restricted to just generating instructions for robots. Instructions may be generated for all other factory components, like conveyors, for full factory automation. Rossum’s PLC interface is responsible for delivering instructions and monitoring status. It provides a flexible interface to communicate with any PLC controller.

Other possible customized enhancements include:

  • Optimized product to robot assignment to save time on the packing process.
  • Supporting multiple and more complex assembly lines.
  • Optimized picking and packing for delivery routes.
  • Design your factory floor with an easy to use tool which can be used to drive Rossum.
  • Allow efficient product stacking of multiple product dimensions.

Rossum has a fully scale-able and flexible architecture that will support you as your automated process expands or changes. Please contact us for more information.