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The world has become mobile, there are over a billion mobile workers in the world and they are using more than 1.3 billion mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly replacing PC laptops as the chosen device for mobile workers.


web image 1As a result, the content on mobile devices is increasing in richness to include Microsoft Office®, PDF and Personal Information Management solutions.

With this transition towards content mobility, it is clear that the demand to access the billion installed printers in the world is increasing rapidly. Thinkfree Print provides the connection between the mobile workforce and the global printing infrastructure.

The challenge for mobile printing is to address the need of a diverse set of use cases presented by the many different types of mobile worker. At the same time, it is essential to enable access to the 1 billion installed printers in the world.

A mobile printing solution that requires the user to purchase a new, mobile-enabled printer does not meet the user demand to, Print Anything, To Any Printer, Anywhere.web image 2

  • Travellers need to print on the move in many different locations.
  • Visitors need to connect with printers at the site they are visiting.
  • Commuters make the same journey every day and need access to printers during their commute.
  • Corridor Cruisers live in large offices, factories or campuses and need to print to the nearest printer.
  • Home Workers want to use their existing home printers.

web image 3Thinkfree Print provides a solution to all these mobile printing use cases. There are many different ways to achieve printing from a mobile device.

In a work or home environment many printers are networked and accessible vi a Wi-Fi access point.

Other printers within a work location may be connected to a print server and many at home will be connected to the Home PC.
Printers can also be accessed directly via USB cable and in the near future using Wi-Fi Direct.

The advent of Cloud Printing will make many printers accessible either in Public or Enterprise cloud services.

Thinkfree Print supports all these print methodologies to maximise the success rate for mobile printing.

Thinkfree Print in a solution for tablets and smartphones that provides a truly Print Anything, To Any Printer, Anywhere experience for consumers. It is available to mobile device manufacturers, reference designs and operating system vendors as a preloadable and customisable or downloadable application.

web image 4Thinkfree Print delivers:
  • A Print Anything, To Any Printer Anywhere experience
  • One unified mobile device application that supports many different printing methodologies
  • Direct printing from the mobile device for Word, Excel®, Powerpoint®, PDF, emails, images and PIM functions in high quality & high fidelity
  • Preloadable, customisable & brandable application
  • Direct printing support for most laser and inkjet printers
  • Supports legacy printers…….no need to buy a specific printer for your mobile device
  • Print to work and home networked printers via Wi-Fi
  • Direct print via Wi-Fi Direct or USB
  • Print via public and enterprise cloud services
  • Simple discovery process to find new printers…..often completely automatic
  • Save printers in a favourites list
  • Simple integration of Print Button into applications such as viewers and editors
  • Print Preview…….see how your pages will look before printing
  • Real time printer status
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Simple Print Process

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Simple Printer Discovery

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Printer Support

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